Elijah- Fed by birds

Elijah- Fed By Birds?

Lamb–  Well, hi there again, boys and girls!!!  I’m so glad to see all of you again!  We have been out of town a couple of weeks    and it is so exciting to be back home with all of you again!

Boy-  It sure is exciting!  I just can’t wait to share all of the exciting stories I’ve heard with you!

Lamb-  Me, too!!!  Now, today’s Story is about a great Man of God called Elijah!

Boy-  Elijah!  Wasn’t he one of the Ninja Turtles?

Lamb-  No!  He was a Prophet!

Boy-  A Prophet?  I never heard of that group!  What  did they do?

Lamb-  Well, Elijah’s job was to tell God’s people just what God wanted them to do.  And Elijah got rid of the bad guys, too.

That is, when God told Elijah to get rid of them.

Boy-  Wow!  So Elijah had like a direct phone line to God?

Lamb-  Well, Kinda.  ‘Cuz God would speak directly to Elijah since his job was So Important and it Had to be Done!!

Boy-Wow, Tell us about it!

Lamb-  Well, God told Elijah to tell all the people that there  wasn’t going to be any rain for a long, long time.

Boy-  So he told them that?  Why?  Why did God stop the rain?

Lamb-  God stopped the rain because all the people that were supposed to be following God were following Other gods!!!

Can you Believe that ?!!!

Boy-  Whoa!  Not hardly!  What was it, some bad guys were tricking them into believing in other gods?  Is that it?

Lamb-  Well, Kinda.  So this is the really tricky part of our story today!  Guess what Elijah ate during this time when there was no rain.  No rain, and that means that no food was growing.

Boy-  OH, that’s easy!  I  know what Elijah did for food!  He just ran down to.. . .

Lamb- (interrupt him)  Wait just a minute, I know what you’re going to say!!  But before you answer, let me tell you, they didn’t have any McDonald’s.  And even if they did, they would have been running out of food too!!  Just like everyone else!

Boy-  No food?  And what’s worse, No McDonald’s?  Wow!  I don’t know What Elijah could have eaten then.  Could Elijah still get a Happy Meal without the food and play with the toys? That would be fun.

Lamb-  No McDonald’s!!

Boy-  That’s hard to imagine.  Wow!  So, with no food anywhere in town, just where did Elijah get his Food?  Oh-h-h-h I get it!

There was no food, no rain and so poor little Elijah Died!!

Right there, flat on the ground.  Fell over dead.  Starved to death!  Right!  That was a trick question, wasn’t it, asking me what Elijah ate for food when there wasn’t any.  I figured out the answer to that one!  He died, didn’t he!?

Lamb-  No.  He ate something every morning and every night!

Boy-  Oh,  What did He eat?  Where did he get this food if there wasn’t any around?

Lamb-  God sent some black birds and they brought meat and bread to Elijah every morning and night!

Boy-  Black birds?!

Lamb-  yup!

Boy-  Did they carry the food in their beaks or in their grubby    little bird feet?  Either way. . .

Lamb-  The Bible doesn’t say.  But  I wouldn’t care myself. If I knew there wasn’t going to be any food, I’d be so thankful that those birds brought me food, I wouldn’t care HOW they carried it!

Boy-  Well, really I guess you’re right.  That is pretty amazing. you said that God sent these birds with food.

Lamb-  That’s right!

Boy-  Well, it sure sounds like God takes care of his people.

Lamb–  He sure does!

Boy-  Then I would say that we just don’t have any thing to worry about.  Because WE are God’s people and God will take care of us too!

Lamb-  You are so good!!!  You figured out the point of this Story real fast!

Boy-  Well, its an amazing Story, imagine, being fed by birds.

And You say this story is True?

Lamb-  Sure is, ‘cuz its from the Bible!  Now children, we’ll be back next week with some more amazing and TRUE stories from the Bible!!   Bye,             Bye!

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